Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What a wonderful day

  1. Sheep-shagging crisis gone. Can't even express how much bad this took away. 
  2. A visit from Quazi. Three hours zooming by in a conversation so naturally flowing it's easier than breathing. It's so nice. 
  3. Then decent roleplaying. 
  4. Then FUCKSHIT METRIC TONS OF INSPIRATION. There's four different paintings pushing each other in my mind, trying to be born. I'm tired, but I'm so high on wanting to paint I'll gulp down an energy drink and milk this rush to its last drop because this is the taste of life. Didn't feel like this in fucking months. 
  5. This is the upside of rollercoaster moods. Dude, I feel like I could fly to the moon on my energies alone right now. 

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