Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hospital, Guild Leaders and Sop

Hospital says 'lol we totally forgot we told you in January that you'll be hospitalized in two weeks tops, terribly sorry, can't do anything now 'cause it's Passover soon, so, ah, try calling in two more weeks and enjoy your 15 hours of sleep a day and excruciating daily pain, yes?', which I thought was a brilliant opening for a morning; but it's too sunny and golden to spend it in tears if I can help it, so I did some more spring cleaning around the house and DUDE nothing makes me as chipper as a sparkly-clean bath tub.

This month's hot topic is roleplaying a slave in that Warcraft guild, which I've said before I find fascinating on the psychology level. I also explained to the guild leaders why I thought I wasn't fit to playing that and need to leave, no harm done guys, nobody's fault etcetc, but their reaction was such a wild display of tact, taking responsibility and above all care for the feelings of the people in their guild, that I just gaped. A guild leader taking responsibility is something I haven't seen before, and not shaking players off by saying 'lol your problem' is another shocker. I still don't think I can play a slave, even with the changes they're instilling - but I'll be truly sorry to let go of a guild ran by this kind of people. I've never seen anything like it in an mmo before.

I need to write about that phone talk with daddy yesterday, and about Fei being awesome, and about my newly acquired hint of a jawline; but I get the feeling that if I do in my current mood it will end up an embarrassingly soppy wall of text, so perhaps abbreviating is better. And we all know what we do when we're too soppy to be constructive, right? That's right. We go doing dailies in Lotro. \o


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