Thursday, 17 April 2014

World Peace is overrated

I haven't posted anything in two weeks because I was busy and happy. I also feel that 'posting' is not the right term for what I do; it's 'spilling thoughts'. The 'posting' thing indicates it's got content in it, or a higher purpose than mild exhibitionism, which it doesn't.

But it's been a great couple of weeks. I crossed the 100 line with my weight but got too lazy to create an achievement banner for it, hence never reported it; I was informed my house will host the Passover Sedder night (it's the Israeli equivalent of Christmas eve, complete with family quarrels and guilt-gifts and overeating); I spent a day or two doing rampant spring cleaning and every moment of that was so much a bliss that I felt like a pathetic middle aged housewife but couldn't deny how nice it felt; I spent at least an hour contemplating colour themes for the table (green polka dots. The joy), I spent four hours listening to music hand in hand with daddy, I was a perfect hostess, I had kickass roleplaying, I painted some, I had amazingly touching moments with Fei, a nice talk with Waits and a few evenings of cuddling with husband, and in short, everything is fucking awesome, aside from the fact that I will gain two kgs this week because fucking Passover, and let those be my problems.

I also decided that after over two years of trying to creatively work around the word 'pain' by calling it 'the stomach thing', 'the endo-shite', 'the discomfort', 'bowels' and so on, I'm going to name it for simplicity's sake, so from now on my unexplained abdominal pain is officially dubbed Schpritzie, and Schpritzie has actually been rather nice lately and didn't bother me too much. So hey, no complaints about life from my end right now. Hear that, Great Beancan in the Sky? If you insist on making it better, go on and throw in world peace. I won't object. 

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