Friday, 9 May 2014

A painless month, goodbye guild, and an environment sketch

Schpritzie has been awfully nice, leaving me alone for a full month. With little to zero pain for over four weeks, life has been rampantly awesome: marital life is its usual bliss, ample roleplaying with a guild or with Fei, lots of drawing and just having fun. 

I'm yet to figure out what makes Schpritzie come and go - mostly go, to be honest - so I'm a bit grumpy about his returning, and having been Schpritzie free I naturally forgot how distracting and irritating being in constant pain is. I called the Pain Clinic, they still don't have a slot for an appointment for me - been that way since December - so grump all around. 

But that aside, life is fucking awesome most of the time. I've been doing so much painting even I can't complain, and the guild roleplaying was decent; moreover, either due to not having been in the group long enough to screw it up, or thanks to the new policy of not getting personal, not explaining anything and communicating mainly via smilies, I haven't ended up making bad blood with anyone. That was refreshing. 

Sadly though, the guild leaders had to ditch due to guild-leading being too stressful and time consuming (and I can't blame them, that's the main reason I don't think I'll ever end up leading a guild again); and the player base, while nice, was both small and a bit too young for my taste. Having gotten to get a daily dose of interesting roleplaying, logging in to a nearly empty guild log every night, combined with the general passiveness of the people involved - because they're young, or European, or too few - it ended up feeling a bit stagnant. Comes to show you that even with very impressive guild leaders, whom I still hold in the highest respect, things aren't always satisfying. 

So we're looking for a new group to tag along with - an active, mature one with guild leaders who give a fuck. That's not a simple list of requirements, but if there's something I've learnt in the past three years it's that there's always something good out there, one just has to look. And Fei is awfully good at looking, which feels nice; I don't feel I'm pulling the wagon alone there. 

This guild generated a lot of art, but the one I'm posting today has more meaning for me. Fei asked for an explanation about basic perspective, and I ended up actually sketching a background and enjoying it. It's one of those Egyptesque locations in Warcraft, some market place or another - and I'm so hooked on the Arabian Nights theme I really enjoyed doodling details in; it ended up being about the first environment sketch I've ever done to my satisfaction, and it dulled, somewhat, my worried about the upcoming class - that is to say, my art school, CGMA, has let me know that they can't postpone the class I ditched due to Schpritzie any longer, and that on this summer term I'll have to take it or my 600$ will have gone to waste. They've been more than fair and very pleasant througout this entire year, so I don't fault them; but I admit this class worries me (I was spectacularly bad at it last year) and that studying something which is hard for you when you're in pain is something I'd rather avoid. Still, some hope - take a look. So I'm pleased, and carefully eager, and I should really plant my butt down and do a few more of those as practice before school begins, to make the term easier. Here's hoping. 

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