Sunday, 25 May 2014

Star Wars: The Old Republic

So Nelson and I have started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic together, entirely in-character, in text alone and slower than a turtle racing to become soup. I'm enjoying the roleplaying very much; the stories are okay and the 'feel' is very defined. And, as a trademark Bioware, there's interesting personalities and moral dilemmas all around, which is nice in an mmo.

My problem with the game is that the world design itself looks depressing, because back in the 70s George Lucas didn't have the budget for anything that looked better than rusty, industrial becubic shit, which is hardly nice to look at. All those flat-metal-concrete-with-cheap-neon is simply depressing for me to run around, even if there's some scenery around it.

I'm playing a Jadi with Nelson, but my solo (!) character is a smuggler. I grew up with those movies; I've had a crash on Luke when I was a child, which melted into a crash on both Han Solo and Indiana Jones as soon as I became a teen (Solo and Jones have very similar personalities, I find) - and that crash hasn't faded even today. The game does well on delivering that kind of personality even on my green betentacled chica, and all I can say is that at least so far this game seems to be doing to Star Wars what Lord of the Rings Online did to Tolkien's world - and that's one hell of a compliment in my book.


It's four in the morning and I'm up, which is what I deserve for taking a nap between seven in the evening to midnight. Bwahaha. 

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