Sunday, 1 June 2014


Birthday is starting off nicely. I'll have an awfully fattening lunch with two people I love, then hopefully some time with Fei, then cake with an old friend I've missed for years. Husband, typically awesome, said 'we have a full day tomorrow to do whatever we please, and then the rest of our lives' - and for me, who remain sappy and with zero saving rolls for good cliches, this totally works.

He came to hug me at midnight, with a kiss and that look, and I rose from Age of Conan with Fei to receive both and thought to myself that dammit, I'm one lucky woman. To have him, and her, and Ghoula, and a family I love who loves me; to have a nice house with a green wall and a polka dot table and new curtains, with the means to fix what I dislike about my life, and with a hobby I work on simply for fun. Fucking lucky, is what I am; and what I've been told 15 years ago is still valid - life keeps getting better all the time.

I'll be off to bed now; I've a delightful day full of legitimate carbs tomorrow, and I clearly need to rest well before all. That. Cake.

Edit: Having 'happy birthday' sang to you, in Swedish, in a murloc voice, is one of the best things ever.