Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Berserker cannibal knights, new chairs and one rubber band

They said my chair, in which I spend 10 hours a day, might contribute to the Schpritzie situation, so I did the good girl thing and got something that's supposed to be good, but I admit that spending 300 Euro on anything which isn't puter hardware makes me cringe. It arrived today and looks delightfully ordinary, aside from having handles pretty much everywhere; purchasing this arrives with a 10 minute crash course from the nice guy delivering it to your house, and after he informed me I'd purchased the Mercedes of chairs he pranced off and I got acquainted with the thing and discovered that training your body to sit right makes many forgotten muscles go HALLLO DID U MISS ME so I'm in for an interesting few days until they learn who's boss.

I also got a lecture from brother, who's studying to be a professional tour guide, and it turns out that int he first crusade they had a berserker cannibal crusader unit. Hear that, Switz? The coolness factor of this is shadowed only by the tragedy of it.

Said lecture was on the phone; I needed both hands for housework while listening, so I ended up affixing the phone to my head with a rubber band which I shifted every time it got too uncomfortable, so after an hour I knew more about crusaders than I ever did, and my face was criss-crossed with marks like a zebra, but it was totally worth it.

And finally - it turns out that after a week of Steak and Cake I kind of miss veggies, so it's been three solid days of fresh salads everywhere. This feels nice. 

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