Monday, 9 June 2014

(Another) post birthday post

I got approved for 3 months of the pain clinic (commonly referred to here as Hospital School, and the paperwork to get that started is slowly progressing. Even as is, having only been there for three days, the change it noticeable and happyfying (yes, that's a word now) - I was told to put in the effort to be social again, and I am, and indeed life feels nicer. I didn't know how stale I felt, staying at home 2.5 years.

Birthday week was awesome - relaxed, constraint-free and guilt-free. I spent full seven days eating steak, cake, cherries and expensive pasta, gained 1.5 kg and had so much fun I'm happy to pay that price. Even the dietitian approved, so now I'm full of energy, happiness and zeal. Hope is tasty.

I have a tabletop roleplaying campaign starting, with four people I appreciate much, two of which I downright love. It's Tolkien-based; and I've avoided tabletop for so long I'm not even sure I know how to do it without being afraid to irk people, or disappoint them, or be too dominant for people's fun; but this group feels very forgiving and accommodating, so I'm hopeful.

On the gaming front, having gotten overwhelmed with the too many tragedies that Lotro offers in Rohan, Fei and I defected to Age of Conan, which is every bit as annoying and buggy as it was upon launch at 2008. While I felt happy to pay Turbine for their Lotro, I entirely refuse to pay whoever made Age of Conan for this game which they clearly don't bother to try and improve or fix anything. But it's a low-magic, free to play fantasy game, and we're kind of running out of options there, so we're giving it a go. The music in it is still kickass, I admit.

Still on the MMO front, Wildstar looks bloody amazing, and is humourous and light-hearted and smooth-running, and I wish it was my kind of game; but having tried it, courtesy of Switz, I feel it's too technological, futuristic and wacky for me. Seems perfect for the Tzemer though, so we got it for him as a birthday gift. Seriously - the game looks like a blast of fun. I certainly recommend it.

...And I got curtains for my birthday. And scented... body... things, and a green polka dot fabric to make a sofa-cover with. And a Fables based game. And more carbs than a person should consume in a month. Dude... it's good to be thirty-seven. 

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