Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Too much of a bad thing... (Witcher 3)

It's been two full weeks and over 130 hours of playing The Witcher 3, and while I maintain it's an excellent game - and that Geralt isn't always an intolerable dick, and that not every female in the game is the temperamental, condescending, sultry seductress - I think it's now safe to point at the one thing making me uneasy, and that's the tragedy / everything else ratio, which I'd say is a solid 70:30 in favour of things that break my heart. The game does a great work accentuating the complexity of the human nature, but it focuses on the filth - and while it hasn't yet crossed the line to Game of Thrones level, I did get fed up with that aspect after 10 days. It's a little too much. All the lost kids I'm sent to find are dead. All the lovers are tragically slain, all the heroic brother gone on a journey to bring their sisters coin to buy shoes, have their corpses being chewed on by drowners on some nameless shore. One could argue this amount of bad is realistic in that world, and I agree, but it makes the playing experience one I enjoy less. I'd have tweaked the ratio some; no harm in less suffering presented all the time.

But the thing that really got to me was today, when I'm very close to the end (I think?) - and I meet this person who has been waiting all his life to see this miracle of nature, and today's the day and all - and, well, I come and talk to him and I make him miss it. And there's no fixing that. Perhaps in Poland that's considered amusing; personally, it just broke my heart. I did not enjoy that at all.

I'll have to re-write it in my mind or something. Decide that I actually managed to excitedly point it out to him and that he swooned with happiness and danced all the way to the inn. Yeah.

...A little less kicks to the heart please, CD Projekt Red, huh? It's all awesome aside from that, really.

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