Friday, 30 October 2015

Holy shit, holy clock!

Bumping into this while I'm reading Dawkins makes it all the better. My initial reaction was hilarity, followed by an urge to flame it; then my zen buddhism readings kicked in (getting pissed at people's stupidity will only make me enjoy my life less), then I remembered Douglas Adams saying 'why is it okay to point out someone's being dumb if they vote for the racist homophobes, but not okay to state that not turning your light on in a Saturday, hence sitting in the dark if you forgot to do it before the holy day started, is utterly senseless as well?'

(For those of you who don't know - in Judaism, Saturday - 'Shabbat' - is a holy day since God rested from all his hard work creating the world in it. Therefor a dedicated Jew is forbidden from performing any 'work' during the weekend, and 'work' is lighting fire, using electricity, pressing keys and other hilarities).

Anyway. I browse home-decor sites and find this:


And I go: "...Dude."

"Utterly senseless" doesn't even begin to describe it.


  1. So like... time is resting now, for jews? Jews can actually stop TIME? Shit man, I really wanna be a jew now. Is it birth-membership only?

    1. On top of it serving a God who knowingly demands the genocide of another people, kills grandchildren because grampa wiped his nose on Shabbat and tortures the kindest man in the world over a bet with Satan, Judaism also makes it -extremely- hard to become a Jew, because it's OH SO COVETED. So, unless your mom was Jewish, or unless you're willing to put in a year of studies to then be tested by a group of woman-and-foreigner-hating rabbies (Jewish priests), I'm afraid you're out.

    2. Awh, bollocks... I really wanted that time-stopping superpower. Still, I guess it saves me a little bit of genocide and stuff, so that's kinda okay. :)

  2. I am unfamiliar with that Douglas Adams quote, and now I'm curious :)

    I don't mind shmirat-shabbat being considered dumb. I'm the last to justify religion with any claims to sensibility. On the other hand, I try to lean towards zen rather than anger when it comes to instances of insensibility where somebody's practicing his own beliefs without harming me. "Shutting down a website" could count as frustration, but then again, "This free content I've chosen to write and make available to you? I'm limiting that to when my beliefs say it's OK" is more borderline.

    Of course, you can oppose people's beliefs on the grounds that they're stupid and wrong. Which leaves you opposed to pretty much everybody on Earth, for one reason or another. Which, I confess, is a decision I respect wholeheartedly.

    1. You made me laugh :)

      I agree that being frustrated on such matters is counterproductive; nor can I see much I can do to improve the flaws I find in religion without either making people quite angry or quite miserable. I'll hold unto the my attitude, then: "I don't get it, I don't agree with it, but if my friends follow it, arguing about it is counterproductive and I'd rather discuss carebears."

      Thank you for the comment, it was... enlightening.