Sunday, 20 December 2015

Still in that diving expedition! Still Blender!

There's many downsides to running your own guild, at least for me - but the upside is that I really don't have to hold back on any art or prop I want to make, and I always want to make a ton of them.

So here's four members escaping a huge arcane explosion. Underwater. There were giant eels involved, but really, I think the picture doesn't need any more mess:

The real fun of this, though, is slowly learning to crack Blender, the 3D software, into doing what I want - usually by smashing my head into the keyboard repeatedly, because I have no frigging idea what I'm doing. With this one I learnt how to cheat through messed up shadows in geometry (what the fuck is 'normals', I should really learn that one day); more rigging tips; applying a subsurface modifier; and a loooooot of lighting, which can really screw up the best of images, much like composition. Also, since I have no idea how to make facial expressions, I need to steal those separately from Wow Model Viewer, then DECAPITATE the posed models and screw the new heads plus expressions on. I even 'stitch' the vertices of the body to the head. I call it the Frankenstein Stage.

I still have to endlessly cheat with Photoshop, because bubbles and things, but I suppose that's inevitable.

And on a lighter note - tonight one of the gang went to sleep and left the rest of us to get drunk, then someone decided we should prank him and he ended up getting his sleeping face painted to look like a murloc. Let's see what the sailors have to say about that in the morning...

And it's eight in the morning again, which is sort of okay, because I got up at seven in the evening, which is less okay, because this messed up sleeping pattern can't be good. But I can't stop Blendering, and how often do we get a crazy inspiration wave that lasts for over a month? Some people go an entire lifetime without getting that. I guess a messed up sleeping pattern is a small price to pay.

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