Sunday, 17 January 2016

Still Blender limbo

So I can't say I got the hang of making particle hair, but it got better:

This is the character I've been playing for the past 16 months. 99% of the time she wears a dark hood and looks somber and miserable, because she's totally a suicidal goth, but because I can't help my secret Disney-princess addiction (or Flight of Dragons Melisande? I think she's the origin of this obsession), my goth nun has RAPUNZEL hair, and she shows it about thrice a year. In the above picture she's wearing the super secret smile reserved for her best friend, induced by this scarf, which was a Christmas gift following her statement 'I never wore anything red' (goth all the way!). I love this image, even though she looks way too pretty in it, because it captured something; tenderness, I think.

Then we just have a happy hug by some guildies:

And she's wearing a dress originally, but <Blender techtalk coming> because Warcraft skirt models arrive with two layers of polygons, aka double-sided, I couldn't remove double vertices on them because it messed the model up and I've only just learnt what's the cause and started fiddling around with fixing it but now weight-painting the skirted models makes funny things like feet going through ears </end blender techtalk> I couldn't get it to work so we just get weirdly textured goat legs.

And the last one: Last time I made an image of Farley, I had to manually paint the hair in Photoshop, because while the Warcraft hair model is wavy, the character is supposed to have curls:

So then I decided it's impractical to have to paint this insane mass of curls every time I have her in an image and went to tackle particle hair and all the funny stepping stones are in the previous entry but I think I managed to get her hair right at the end, sort of. And since she writes amazing emotes and most of them make me immediately want to Blender an image, her declaration of 'Oh! I rather need a hot bath after all this, and a glass of brandy, possibly at the same time!' merited this:

During which I <Blender technojunk> learnt to make mist and failed totally and had to re-make it in Photoshop, but I absolutely learnt better lighting and environmental lighting and did a full tutorial on how to make a photorealistic glass of beer which gave birth to this very poor, polygonal and badly lit glass of brandy, and forgot to give her body a glossy material for the bath-moisture but was saved by Photoshop again, and even managed to desaturate materials all on my own because I'm finally getting the vague hang of material nodes in Cycles render </Blender technojunk> but heeeeey, look, hair.

And this took two bloody hours to render because my machine isn't designed for this stuff, but all this render waiting time when my machine is entirely stuck means I end up washing the dishes and sweeping the floor, so upsides all around.

Except for the fact it's nine thirty in the morning and I've been up all night, which means the sleeping cycle is fubar again, but there's a dust storm outside so it's not as if I'm missing any sunshine and oh, I think I just realized this is the fatigue-over-energetic phase, so I should, likely, go to bed.

So this Blender madness (with not sleeping unless I'm literally collapsing and shizz) started on December 4th; I had expected it to wear off by now, but no. Not even the first few months of Warcraft were that addictive. Not saying this isn't amazing fnu or that I don't count myself lucky for it; I just wonder what it's like to actually live normally, because I'm starting to forget.

Anyway - thanks to Jake again for making all this possible by writing software for me, and making me enjoy this far more than I thought I could; and now... probably... bedtime.

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