Monday, 29 February 2016

The guild office - look all around!

Will this Blender joy never end? I hope it lasts for a long time; I'm so in it the roleplaying feels like a puny thing in comparison, but of course, without roleplaying I don't have any fuel to make art at all.

Anyway - our guild is a group of archaeologists, and we use a random room in Ironforge as our office. Whenever new people walk in we have to tell them what's actually there which they can't see in game: maps, fossils, relics, tools, drinks, books, vault; so I made the whole thing in Blender - I took the original Ironforge model (thanks again to Marlamin for making that possible for me) and put all the other stuff in it. As ever, finding the angle to take the photo from was the real challenge; I wanted to show everything. And then I got it; I need a 360 angle panoramic turnaround, like a google street view thing. Luckily, the internet has tutorials about pretty much everything, so after a night of tinkering - and facedesking at failing lighting again - I got these. Just click, pause and rotate to your heart's desire:

As luck has it, I was browsing tutorials while waiting for the render to finish, and found that Blender Guru - the best youtube Blender teacher I found so far - professional but simple enough for beginners, not time-wasting like so many other tutorialists and just the right pace for me - had made a Blender addon called Pro Lighting Studio. This had me blendergasming in seconds; I struggle with lighting so much, and it's really a profession on its own; this addon came in perfect timing, as if someone had made it especially for me. I'm also very happy that spending a 100$ isn't an issue, and that this money goes to a teacher who really deserves it. So I just downloaded my new purchase, and I'm so excited I have to forcefully hold back on going all capital letters and exclamation marks - and I'm going to drown in that until my eyes can't remain open anymore. 

I knew it before, but it's great to realize time and again: there's no joy like studying and pushing your limits; even if you're horribly amateur, even if the results suck or are useless, just being able to make things and overcome obstacles to create the image I want - that's one of the greatest pleasures there are. I'm so happy!

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