Thursday, 17 March 2016

A day of swings

This day has equal amounts of happiness and frustration, and while I try to cling to the first, the latter naturally tends to have more impact. It's kind of hard to not just grump. Let's start with the cintiq stuff.

I'm getting a new cintiq!

The people at the cintiq shop in Israel are very nice and kind.

But they'll have open cintiqs to show me next week!

They were sweet and offered me chocolate to brighten my day!

The coffee guy in the restaurant was really sweet and cheerful.

Food was great!

Sarona Market is a very pretty place to hang out in

Cheese shop guy guessed my preference and took true pleasure in seeing how much I enjoyed the cheese he picked for me

I'm meeting with the stylist tomorrow and maybe will feel nice about my clothes at last? And she looks very passionate and nice

Being at home and taking the shoes and uncomfy clothes is really nice, and I have amazing cheese and some french candy the name of which I can't pronounce but it looks and smells better than the notion of sex with Wolverine

...Because Wacom doesn't bother trying to repair cintiqs as old as mine. So I'm looking at some 1700$ expenses.

...But they can't open a closed product box to show me the cintiq I wish to buy. So I need to spend 1700$... without being able to see what the stand looks like, or the button arrangement, or the working angle.

Waste of today's taxi money, plus Schpritzie and cars equals many ouch, which I'll have to do again

But they also can't take the 120$ painting tablet they sold me last week and said it's perfectly fine to paint on. Perhaps it is for some people, for me it felt like trying to paint with a hairbrush. It's been used half an hour. It's perfectly packed with all the nylons down to the cable caps. But they can't take it and I can't use it, so 120$ down the drain.

But I had to wait half an hour in the cold to be seated

Chair wasn't Schprizie friendly, so pleasure mixed with the opposite

...No complains here. It's a touch costly, but so lovely it's totally worth it.

But the treat I got for husband in that shop somehow ended up not being in the bags when I got home

She takes 4 text messages to answer a simple question, which can really drive me nuts. It goes like this:

Bell: "Where do we meet tomorrow?"
Her: "In AwesomeShop"
Bell: "Address?"
Her: "In that city"
Bell: [wonders if she's the only person who thinks that answer is still useless. and is close to tears, not to mention not eager to pay the stylist a lot of money to receive non-productive answers; also ponders how to tactfully say 'are you fucking stupid? Can't you bloody type the full address? If I'd known where the awesome clothes shopping places are I would likely not need to pay you a bloody fortune? Why do I have to ask THREE times to get something as simple as a full adress?' then feels guilty for being angry and meekly asks (again) for a full address, specifying a street and number could be very helpful, false-cheerful-exclamation-mark. Suddenly not so eager to go shopping for clothes with this woman tomorrow.

A long up-and-down moodswings is so draining and stressful not even the cheese relieved it
theyclaim that
our moods are in
our own hands
I think
sometimes choosing a side
is just 
not humanly likely
regardless of how much coaching
and unpronounceable French candy
you've had.

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