Sunday, 13 March 2016

Lette and Elise in the Park: Nobody Will Notice

I could say 'my nephew was born a week ago, on the 6th' and say how happy I am not to have kids again, and how brave people who do have kids are, and how detouched I feel from brother and his family since they moved where I can't see them, but why talk about life things when I can talk about Blender?

So, having made a little girl model I had to make something with it, and because repeatedly making art of my own character feels like self worshiping, again I use Lucky's character, Lette, which I've been doing so much Blender testing on she feels almost my own. Lette has a childhood friend, and I was given artistic liberty to picture her as I please.

Enter Elise. Even having to depict her like this, for practice, I realized I had to know her; so I designed a personality that would best compliment Lette. Selecting the attire made me decide she's not from a family of means, and from there her personality just happened.

Elise is hot-headed, passionate and not the sharpest tool in the shed; she's vulgar, cheerful, lively and oblivious to the point of not giving a fuck - the type to end up picking her nose in public and telling the king he's a cutey. She's quite athletic, like Lette, but not as clever or calculated. In short, she'll likely grow up to be a hunter and face-smash the keyboard for high dps, and will be happy with that.

Right, so I had Elise figured out.

Now I had to find a single image to convey the difference in attitude between them, alongside carefree childhood joys and Lette's love for needless risk-taking. And because it's the past, I placed it in a recognizable place that was destroyed since - the Stormwind Park. So here's what I got, and I like it.

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