Thursday, 10 March 2016

Warcraft model: little girl, updated!

Warcraft has advanced much in the past ten years, both gameplay wise and graphics wise; it's very evident when one tries to design a clothes set mixing clothes from vanilla Warcraft and modern warcraft - the textures resolutions vary to the point of offending the eye, and the same goes for models; the player character models have been updated to high-polygon, high resolution ones, whereas some non-player characters remained untouched.

This was painful to see when I needed a little girl model, so I decided to try and make a new, high-res one. I put it off until now, but here we go. On the right, the original little blood elf girl from Wow; in the middle, my blood elf child, and on the left my human child. 

To do this I took the adult blood elf female and tweaked it (because I can't model for the life of me) - removed the breasts, narrowed the hips, widened the waistline, shortened legs and arms and made the face more hear-shaped; then I did some texture touchups to remove the breasts, et voila. 

On this note, I have to mention Blender Guru. I study Blender using Youtube, and Blender Guru (a guy named Andrew Price) is so far, by far, the best tutorials I found - professional, light-hearted, simple to understand even for an absolute beginner, without any 'umm's and 'err's and tedious irrelvant information; he's more professional than some tutors I had in CGMA, where you pay 700$ per class. Most of his tutorials are for free, but he'd developed some amazing tools for professional 3D artists - and which, for a beginner like me, are priceless.

The one I bought is called Pro-Lighting Studio, released not a week ago. Blender Guru does amazing tutorials - he studies the topic in depth, and his lessons about composition, lighting and colour go beyond Blender and into art theory (as they should!), and are on par with stuff I learnt in university; but even having watched those, I struggled with lighting for hours on end - up to ten hours, once! - and made, well, crap, crap, crappity crap images. Lighting is essential, and can totally ruin an image and tell a different story - aka induce a very bland feel - than intended. 

Enter Pro-Lighting Studio. For 98$ I got to apply perfectly professional lighting, floor and background within ten minutes. Three clicks, pretty much. It took a whole load off my shoulders, and allows me to make much nicer, clearer images. I can't possibly recommend this enough; the rise in my happiness level is worth every penny. Highly recommended. 

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