Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Veggies are good for you, mmkay?

Junk food made me tired, I lost hair and my skin was crap. I added a nice amount of vegetables, fruit and chicken breast to my normal diet - not removing anything - and in five days it made me feel far more energetic and focused that I have been in month. There's no need to remove unhealthy shit, just add the healthy stuff in generous amounts.

Two months of compensative bad eating do more than just get you fat. I only noticed it when I realized I was losing hair and my skin reacted badly - and those are the easy, visible signs; there's plenty others, from sleeping problems, through lethargy to digestion problems. But shallow person that I am, the skin was my wake up call.

I know those signs, and I think I remember what they mean: the hair means not enough vitamins or iron; the skin means not enough vitamins and too much fat.

Iron and vitamins are easy - I need meat and vegetables; less fat is also easy, because if I skip the American cuisine of pizza and burgers, my fat intake will immediately drop by 85%.

(For the record: I didn't get fat from pizza and burgers, that's only the last couple of months; I get fat from emotional eating and lack of exorcise, and my sin of choice is sushi - hardly dietetic, but really not a carb of fat bomb. Hear this, kids? It's not the chocolate. It's treating food a treat rather than as fuel.)

So - not for weight loss, but for better skin, I applied this. It means I cook (take cover) but I do it with some oil, which I wouldn't do if I was dieting. And some oil, even not a lot, actually makes it taste just fine, rather than the disgusting horrors I used to make when I dieted properly.

Five days of just that - adding fruit, vegetables and chicken to the menu, and not at all skipping bread, or cheese, or other things which are bad for the weight - and, well, I don't know about the weight, but it did wonders to the rest. Five days only; and I sleep better, am far more energetic (no more getting tired at midday, no more needing a coffee to transition to wakefulness in the morning). Everything just feels so much better - the body rewards better eating immediately.

I'm fairly certain that the skin would show improvement within a week, and the hair within three weeks. Now, if I could only get myself to do a daily walk and cook twice a week, I might actually lose some weight this way. And without being a Nazi.

...But frankly, just the thought of trying to lose weight makes me so depressed I want to order in something lardy. No; I won't think of that now. I'll just... enjoy the benefits the rest offers.

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