Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ergo arm!

I'm yet to use my birthday Cintiq, what with ze bummer and all, but the day it arrived I also ordered an ergonomic desk mount for it, and it arrived yesterday. I need a handyman to make a suitable hole in my built-in plaster desk for it, but soon, hopefully, my work space will be both tidy and comfortable, and painting will be easier. Look at this beauty:

Just reading through the comments on Youtube made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Anyone using a tablet seems to be exposed to the joy of the carpal tunnel syndrome, and hearing other people chat about it feels so nice and homey, somehow. The good news is it passes after a couple of weeks, the bad news is it's chronic and once you have it it's pretty much forever and comes back once in a while, but luckily, I haven't had any problems with it for years.

So now I'm quite eager to have this positioned; I'm still feeling queasy about that bit of technology, what with the circumstances, but if the need to paint won't peek and get me to do something, I'm fairly certain the neatness of my desk will. OCD is fun, kids.

Am still not in the best shapes, but trainer gave me some stuff to do (seems that getting out and away from the 'depression' zone is paramount, so my homework include going outside for an hour every day), and it's still weird to be doing blender, cleaning and eating without feeling it all, or feeling satisfaction or happiness about anything, but I hope it will pass. And being very active despite the listlessness is far better than hiding in bed or going on a TV binge.

On the upside: since all food tastes like gravel anyway, there's no satisfaction in eating anything fatty, so I'm down to veggies and eggs. I hardly delude myself that this might reveal my original jawline, but it's nice, at least, not to drown my stomach in junk.

...and off I go back to tweaking vertices in Blender, because few things are as meditative, braindead and addictive as fixing models. It's almost, almost as great as sorting out a barrel of screws by size.

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