Wednesday, 1 June 2016


So yesterday there was a long phone call with bro, long enough for me to have done the laundry, five days worth of dishes, polish two sinks, open a sink clog, clean the bathtub and change the sheets, during which we both spoke many honest things, and it left me feeling about trice as bad as I did before because brother said many many things which are hard to hear. And it's been a week of this current family mess, and I'm still not feeling great (see me being European; the Israeli way of saying it would likely refer to swimming in the gutter); I surfaced from my Once Upon A Time rot-a-thon to try and scrape some birthday cheer via chatting to Lucky and derping in Lotro, and it went like this:

Lucky: If it's been a week of distress, how about calling Racheli?
Me: Well, she's not likely to be available before the family meetup on Monday (#fakeyay), but you're right, this is advancing in the wrong direction, I only wish I could meet her, like, today.

So I text her, and she says 'dude, this is about the only day a year I don't have to pick up the kids, I'm free until evening and I'm half an hour away from you, I'm coming over', and I'm, like 'wut', and then she's here and we have a two hour long session and she makes me feel so much better, AND it turns out that husband left me cash to spend in my birthday tomorrow - the exact amount I need to pay her for a two hour long session, in fact. So she could come, and she could stay as long as I needed - both unlikely - and I had just the right money to pay her, and if I'd called ten minutes later she'd have already been on her way home; a lovely, ridiculous, lucky coincidence, the likes of which I'd credit fate or god for, if I believed in any.

I think it's luck; the good luck of having a wonderful husband and a good friend; and, after all, perhaps also a sprinkle of birthday magic. Let's go with that.

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