Thursday, 9 June 2016

They say ten minutes of awareness meditation a day, for sixty days, can do wonders. I'm on day three, and I'm not sure about 'wonders', but it certainly quiets down some of the overthinking, and leaves my body more relaxed, with less aching. I hope I can keep this up.

I've also done a daily walk, both yesterday and today, for the first time in, gah, a year? I think they make me feel less down. So that's good too.

And, tempted though I can be, I refuse to spend time sleeping or watching TV. Those are good for the first bummer burst, but shouldn't last long; it turns from respite to stagnation, which isn't good. And I don't want that.

Still not awesome, still worried about what to do regarding family, but no longer in the gutter. Here's hoping the general disinterest, and lack of ability to feel excited, will pass soon.


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