Sunday, 31 July 2016

Blender junk I do when I need a break

Blender is my OCD heaven; whenever I'm down, or miffed, or need to chill out, I open a random model and start cleaning it up, or trying to tweak it, or experimenting with stuff I don't know how to do. It's very relaxing, and while the results are hardly gallery matter, its possibly the funmost part of playing with the program.

So yesterday I decided I wanted to make a pirate's coat. It was much easier than I'd expected, and most of the work was texturing, which I bullshitted my way through with a mouse because I don't want to touch my cursed Cintiq - oh, sic transit - but at least it communicates the general idea.

And seeing as my go-to female character is Lucky's character, I immediately did this to test and see if it looks okay in a render, with a quote from him I'm very fond of:

Next, we have my attempts at making youth and kids, because the WoW model are single-age, single-build. I've long tried to make younger people, but was punching above my weight (which is, really, the definition of my entire Blender career) - but I've gained some tools which make this look less like a complete creepy failure, and more like a work in progress. The drive for making this one was the fact that Jake's geeking about 3D and wow art with me felt so nice, I was overtaken by the urge to make a scene he once described with his character as a kid. That was ten years ago, but the image stuck with me.

First attempt was a fail, mainly because he turned out about 18 and her 12, and they're supposed to be much younger.

Second one was better, but then I got lazy (or rather, taken by commissions for people who paid and therefore rightly expect me to handle their order rather than toy with nostalgia) - but I learnt SO MUCH doing that - like <blenderTechTalk> HOW TO PERMANENTLY APPLY RESHAPING OF THE MESH DONE WITH A BONE</blenderTechTalk> which I know doesn't sound like much, but totally had me bouncing around the room with excitement. Ah, bliss.

Besides, the pose and composition of this one work better than what's normal for my pictures, so I'm happy. I might go back to it one day, if only because seeing those ridiculously muscled arms on a 14 years old makes me cringe, and one day I might actually stop hating my Cintiq and can be arsed to fix that wonky texture (and dude what's going on with the two different textures on her shoes sheesh).

Anyway, discovering how to do stuff is probably the best part of it, if one counts out client reactions and chatting with geeking out with Jake, so I'm happy. But I should really stop dawdling here and go back to that fire mage commission... right after I finish that Epic Battle of the Pelennor Fields with Lucky... oh, decisions, decisions.

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