Monday, 11 July 2016

Blenderdump: Berserker troll and more

The bummer situation is slowly getting better, with much help from Trainer and many hours of Blender. Yesterday I got on a commission I wasn't particularly looking forward to - it being a scarcely clad lady of ambiguous gender, but it ended up being one of the funmost commissions, because I had to learn so many things in the process, and that made me high and hyped and other cool feelings starting with H. But since that one's rendering, here's this week's fruit:

I had a field day with this one. The guy said 'he's a berserker with a severed dwarf head in his hand' and I was, just, whoosh! and I got to go nuts with the expressions, because finally nobody in the picture needs to look pretty. And I could add all the grime, mud and blood I wanted (though I had to limit myself, because too much of that makes it look no longer like Warcraft) - and then perfecting the details, like the bones on the shins and the nicks on the tusks and - this was awesome.

Then there was a four-people-in-the-garden commission, which I don't like. There's what the client wants, and then there's 'a good image', and it's my job to combine the two.

I think it's too visually busy, too many details, not a clear focal point - but I have to remind myself the client wanted a memorabilia from that group of friends, not a work of art. Still, I could be happier with this one. And I put an idiotic amount of time into detailing the set, far more than a normal commission, and was disappointed when the client did not think to tip me for it. That was a bit bumming.

The orc shaman was one of the nicest clients ever, and I had fun toying with the orc model, and I'm really looking forward to making some crazily posed orc commission.

And this last guy, whom I originally thought was going to be less interesting to make, turned out... well, I don't know, but I like it. I think it's more expressive and has more of a statement or a story from the garden picture, and even the shaman. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for badass marine types. When I don't need to interact with them in-character.

Eight commissions done, seven to go, and then I'll have to learn how to use reddit to search for more clients. Or, gods forbid, I could actually take a break from frantic Blendering.


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