Friday, 7 October 2016

Legion WMV: Christmas came early!

I hobble to the computer after waking up to find a link from Marlamin, stating there's finally a Warcraft Model Viewer compatible with the last Warcraft expansion. Finally I have a comfortable way to browse all those delicious new models! I could do it before with Marl's software, but the model viewer allows viewing of doodads - that's all the little things, from plants and rocks to furniture. Sadly it still doesn't support the new armours and cool character features (demon hunters!) but even so, it kept me up Blendering about 20 hours non-stop. I honestly feel as if it's Christmas.

And seeing as my lightning-fast computer had turned into a creaking cartwagon since I started Blendering, I called the Tzemer over to format it, and format it he did, and boy do I feel old, because I'm still used to formatting C taking four days of agony and reinstalling everything (assuming installing the operating system went well, which it usually didn't) - but it took less than three hours tonight, and even that was because I had to re-sort all my files. Zero agony; Operating system, Warcraft, two wow model viewers, Photoshop, cintiq drivers and Blender (in that order) - all the installations went baby's-behind smooth. This is kind of weird.

And somehow it's six in the morning - I could have sworn it was 2AM half an hour ago - but it's all done and the computer feels nice and clean and fast, and will likely remain so until the next time I install Lord of the Rings Online.

Computer is clean, house is clean, it's weekend and I got to see friends and have a smooth reinstalling. And I have all those delicious Legion models to play with. Yup... certainly jingling bells.


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