Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Gah! There were. Like. So. Many people. Who pissed me off this week. Well, two, but that's far more than the usual in the past two years, and the fury was immediately translated into sadness and then I spent days sitting on the sofa and eating, because I'm yet to find another outlet for bummer.

And I'd love to rant about it, I would; I'd like to be able to spill out all my thoughts and 'that's unfair' and gush and wallow in my own righteousness, but doing that in public always bites you in the arse. I think even doing that in private bites you in the arse; and perhaps, even, doing that when you alone are the only audience bites you in the arse.

I wish I could be a four years old and stand there and throw a tantrum and yell "SHE WAS MEAN TO ME! AND HE'S A DICK!" and cry. But I can't. And there's no outlet, not even alone.

So I eat.

Grump and rant and hnnng.

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