Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Sugar and Gluten free

It's been 4 months since I started fat school, the 10-lesson class that taught me that sugar and gluten make you hungry and addicted, and that all the other diets I have ever tried rely on will power, which is a finite source, and hence why most people fail them at some point. I've also been taught it's vital to have a mental process accompany that, because if you drop sugar and gluten but still eat when you're not hungry, you'll remain fat.

I'm trying to say I lost 12 kgs so far, with zero effort. Rehab from sugar and all things gluten isn't easy, but the result is that I get hungry twice a day, and I found out that two eggs are perfectly enough to fill me when I'm hungry. Yes, I can go a full day on two eggs and three sausages. Without being hungry at all. Without feeling deprived or punished, without ever having to hold back on eating, or to eat disgusting dietetic food. I have burger with cheese and bacon twice a week (I'd have more but it's expensive). In short - I don't need to rely on will power. And I don't exercise, and I don't do anything special, and the weight loss just... happens.

Fucking magic.

The horrible side effects of gross overweight have started vanishing. No more crazy chafing and horrible medicine; no more knee pain. Soon I will be able to fit into some of my older clothes. This feels like getting out of prison.

I have 40 kgs more to go, but the best part is - it doesn't feel like a marathon anymore. In every other diet it felt like 'gods, I have [insert the amount of time it takes to lose 40 kgs here] months of this - of having to eat chicken breast and lettuce, of having to train thrice a week, of abstaining from food that tastes nice'. It was like being constantly in a state of emergency, driving towards a finish line after which I can start enjoying life again.

It doesn't feel like it now. There's no finish line; seeing as this diet is 'eat only when you are hungry, and stop when you are full', then my body will stop losing weight at the point it's right for it - and that point might well be far from my fantasy of 65 kgs. It could be 80, as far as I know. But getting there - it's easy. It's no effort. It's not suffering until the finish line. It's living my life normally, enjoying the food I eat, and the weight loss is kind of a side effect. Amazing.

So I'm happy and enthusiastic and hopeful. And true to the lessons I took, I'm trying to live my life as if I'm already human sized and not a rhinoceros; so far, it seems to work. Hooray.

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