Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Punch above your weight

So Lucky said 'whoah, that roleplaying scene was really cool and emotion-wrenching, here's why' and he explains in one sentence and my brain goes BOOM and I rush over to Blender to try and express what he painted in my mind, and that happened on Christmas eve and I've done nothing but that since.

And it's the best kind of drug and I forget to eat or sleep and I don't want to see anyone or pick up the phone or go to the loo because it's so crazy needing to be born; and it new and exciting, because Lucky always pushes the beam higher - unlike me - and I know I don't know anything, anything at all, about animation, but if I stop to acknowledge that I can't do it, I won't do it. And it has tons of problems and my animation and directing is crap, but I don't care at all because doing this is so much fun I'll indulge the obsession and milk every last drop of it; because people spend a lifetime (and money, and drugs) chasing that insane feeling that my brain sometimes gives me, and I'm blessed to be lucky and blessed with a Lucky and now I'll go back to that project - 30 seconds out of 3:40 minutes of animation done; nearly there! 

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