Thursday, 1 December 2016

What's with Finland and depression/alcoholism?

I don't get it. Finland has the best social services system ever. It has an amazing education system, and dedicates attention and resources to things like 'noise pollution'. It's beautiful, humane pleasant; and yet, I think of all the Finnish people I've met, perhaps one did not have a family member who died of alcoholism, for example. And every single Finnish person I met had experienced severe depression in some form or another.

Wikipedia tells me Finalnd is ranked around 30th in the world with suicide rates, with three times the amount of suicides more than Israel.

How can a country that does everything so right have such a high percentage of its populace suffer alcoholism and depression, and both so severely? People say 'it's the weather' - it's cold, gloomy and dark half the year - is that truly it?

The bottom of the suicide list is dominated by Muslim countries: Saudi Arabia, Syria (!), Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt. Sunny countries, all of them - but ones where human rights are considerably less valued. Is it only the weather? Really?

This rant comes because I interacted with two highly-intelligent, terribly depressed Fins this week. Every single Fin I met was intelligent and quite wonderful, and their being so prone to the worst a human psyche can offer is so frustrating.

I wish someone could find the answer and fix it.

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