Tuesday, 3 January 2017

My first animation - log - 02

Today has been a bliss. With discovering that Render Street works just as well as it promises, I ended up also finding a way to get the sound and animation to sync in the in-Blender viewer (which I repeatedly failed and was gnawing at me all the time, just like knowing that when I have to render it's going to be agony). With these two sorted, I could finally focus on advancing, which I did! I'm rendering scene #03(out of nine), shot #15, as we speak. Finally I get to move forward to the cool (and challenging) action stuff!

Today is also my husband's birthday. I've been so deep in this project I forgot to make the usual fuss about it - that is, balloons and celebratory things for him to wake up to; I even missed midnight, horrible wife that I am. But he'll go to work in two hours, and then I'll hop out and buy him all the cutesy stuff and treats and a cake, and I hope to make up for the no-midnight-no-morning celebration aspect. And I got him gifts he really wanted, so that's sure to make him happy...

On the body-maintenance angle, I've managed to drink enough today despite the project hype; and I was experienced enough to notice I haven't eaten for nine hours, but before I got dizzy, and had some preemptive almonds (yay, pure fat). It's only when I'm so hyped about something that I notice how much time eating requires, and for the first time in my life I understand energy bars: it's rich in fat and simple carbs and it gives you the nutrition you're too busy and appetite-less to get. I'll look for some sugar-and-gluten free energy bars when I go out today.

Almost done with scene #03! So excited!

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