Monday, 9 January 2017

My First Animation - log - 03

Today's scene - or tonight's? Whatever, the thing I started 22 hours ago - the challenge was to make a man fall to his knees and make it look not too lame. I realized at three in the morning that I need to learn inverse kinematics, and by half past five I had something I could work with (although I admit the elbows were doing the most interesting acrobatics there and I had to shelf the notion of arms inverse kinematics for another time). Then there's the recurring problem of those tiny jerks right before or right after a large gesture - this trademark animation back and forth, which I keep messing up; somehow I never nail the timing.

But the improvement from segment 01 to segment 06 is huge, and I'm three segments from the end; after two weeks of working about 19 hours a day on this, I can't wait to see it complete - for the achievement, and the pride, and the whooohooo! but also just so I can kind of get my life back.

It's 13:30 and I've been up for 22 hours and I'm going to bed now; but I wish I didn't. I wish I could go on working on this. It's the most creative fun I've had in my life.

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