Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Secret World

Whenever I flee from a bad experience with people in warcraft, I end up binging on another MMO. This time, thanks to Lucky - and to Pred's and Fiddle's recommendations years ago - it's The Secret World, and dated though it is, boy, does it kick ass or what. I mean! Modern occult! And Egypt! And time travel! Dude, it's as if someone made this game especially for me, and I'm kind of glad I haven't played it before because now's a good time for such a great distraction.

And my character, really by accident, ended up looking just like Herr Starr.

...This makes me very happy.

Speaking of happy: I often say depression is when you're unable to feel happiness - when nothing gets through the barrier. That's not accurate; even in 2004 I remember feeling happiness on occasion - but it never held more than a day or two. It was always the breath of air before sinking again.

Anyway, yesterday and today I felt happiness. I'm going out to walk in the sun, I do real life socializing, I decided to toss away the furniture I got tired of and buy nice new ones, and I had an absolute blast on a wonderful Indiana Jones homage scene in The Secret World. And I think I'm slowly processing the stuff that makes me sad, and perhaps I'll manage to let go of it soon. I hope.

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