Saturday, 29 April 2017

Jake! Breakthrough!

A year ago, when I started meddling with Blender, I realized I'm very limited with what models I can import from Warcraft, and how; Some solutions I found on my own, but the vast majority of it has been slowly made possible thanks to Jake. Amazing, what being guildies together at 2006 merited.

(Well, it merited me a husband. I should know better than to be surprised).

Jake is a myriad of good things, and through this year he managed to slowly crack almost everything I threw at him. At first it was 'I need to be able to export buildings' and then 'oh, and textures, separately!' and then 'perhaps a search by category function?' and 'how can I find the exact name of a specific item in a specific location?' then various UI pointers, a shared discussion document, ideas bounced, and somehow, while I'm no developer, I'm very personally involved with this software, that grew almost entirely according to my needs as an artist.

Yesterday Jake made a huge breakthrough, with something I've been asking for since October 2016 (and pestering him about for the entire time, and pushing and suggesting and connecting him with people and what not) - and he did it! This could make a huge difference in my comfort and workflow, but I also think it would make Jake the darling of the 3D wow artist community. And I think I know how he feels, because he does this for the challenge, just like I do Blender; and it feels so nice to be a part of this tiny unit joined in this tiny goal, and somehow contributing to something that will last longer than any painting - a very helpful software.

It feels great.

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