Monday, 9 October 2017

Blenderdump Sept-Oct 2017 - spacexcitment!

Still in a delightful Blender frenzy, still having a hard time getting peace of mind; but I'm blasted with inspiration because our guild is having adventures in space! and how awesome is that (I never liked sci-fi, I credit Lucky and his Stargate Universe for making me a space fan) - and with a few tutorials and some significant progress in my Blender skills, I'm back to that amazing, almost dazed state where there's too much awesome to do and not enough hours a day. So I reluctantly go to bed at five in the morning; fall out of bed a bit before midday and hobble to the computer, then spend the whole day Blendering and fall asleep at five in the morning. It's a wonderful diet because I only eat when I really need to, and this time I've learnt from experience and arranged my puter to ding every round hour to remind me to drink a full glass of tea. If my silly brain wasn't broadcasting reruns of how that backstabbing bitch fucked me up, it would be perfect. And it's kind of great even as it is.

So, on the menu!

The Zilthuras
Our archaeology guild had two months of preparations, research, brainstorming and checking options, and eventually we found a space life-boat hovering around Tempest Keep (which is a spaceship, yes?), and re-commissioned it with a lot of help, and now we're flying to Argus, home world of the demons, to chart it! For science! So I had to toy with all the spaceship models of that design in the game, and do some designing of my own, and update textures and learn to make cool backgrounds and whathaveyou, but there it is and I'm happy with it.

There's even a 360 of it, because I can:

It actually all started when we had that amazing scene of us gaping as the window opened and we stared into space:

I call it Diiiiigsssss iiiiiinnnn spaaaaaaaace! but that's mostly wasted on the young people I hang around with.

The original plan was to have that window up here, but animated - actually flying through space, with the changing lights on the characters and perhaps even a bit of idle standing animation. But as soon as I put in the first keyframe I got a lol kind of PTSD - my brain was pleading oh please no not the nineteen hours a day of excruciatingly hard work doing something we don't know shit about for three weeks again please no make it stop so I shelfed it and might tackle it another time.

I did, however, make that starfield and even a wormhole animation, based on some fantastic tutorials, and let me tell you, making wormholes after you've studied anatomy means your mind just keeps going "I wonder whether I'm flying through a colon or a vagina right now?". No? Just me? Ah.

...Perhaps that hot pink shade was a mistake. I bet it would look nothing like a vagina if I made it green.

Oh, I also made a beard at some point in the past. It wasn't a very interesting picture, but it did end up being a hell of a beard, and because I can model a bit now, I also modeled those bracers. One day I'll stop being lazy and actually paint textures rather than bullshitting my procedural way through them, but not today.

But those wormholes and whatnots got me all spacexcited and I throttled my way through another Blender course for space visuals, and since I refuse to paint textures (or, fine, cobble them from photos and such) I gleed at this tutorial - how to make a gas giant with procedural textures only. Procedural textures are not pictures, they're essentially mathematics: randomly generated noise which you manipulate in ways so clever I got all goosebumpy at, because I love clever things. So this cyan Jupiter has not seen a single pixel, and I made it as a birthday card for Lucky, because space and all, and cyan is a colour he loves.

Then there's the Christmas project, which is animation and I had  a blast having four guildies record the voice acting for, and is still in its infancy but I hope I can complete it; so far it doesn't look too impressive -

And, eventually - I've had a weakness for half-timber medieval architecture all my life, and in all the pictures they have the cutest windows with criss crossing diagonal glass panes with warm light pouring out of them, and I've wanted to make one forever, but they should have grime on, and I was, like, 'fuck if I manually paint any textures, I can't be arsed to touch that bloody Cintiq' but luckily I realized last night that, after that gas planet, I actually know how to make it all procedural; so while it's not a very impressive piece on its own, it's the one that makes me happiest because this was made with no tutorial - just applying my understanding, combined with stubbornness and lots of experimenting; in short, what I love most about Blender. 

Once I had the glass panes and the grime I needed something around them, at which point I remembered the angsty character from my guild three years ago, who spent the first 16 years of her life locked in her father's tower, so there. It was meant to be a quick doodle, but I ended up toying with nodes for hours; since I learnt tonnes, however, I'm not complaining. And hey, look at that grime! Not a bad start!


And the full thing, lol.

Aaaaand with all that, Marlamin sort of planted an idea of making some map in my head gaaaaaaahhhh. So many cool fun things to do, so little time! 

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