Sunday, 22 October 2017

treadmill dump#01: Mindfulness writing

Nothing kills time like writing, and I have an hour to kill on the treadmill. This is catching two birds with one - let's say net, because I refuse to kill birds even as a metaphor - but one recommended technique to maintain long lasting positivity (aka feeling relatively happy all the time) is to do the following every day:

  1. An hour of some sports
  2. 10 minutes of meditation
  3. Blog about something nice that happened to you today
  4. Express (in thought is okay) gratitude about three things in your life
I think that's it. I know for a fact that the meditation part works, at least for me, because the one week I did it did wonders to the constantly gnawing thoughts in my mind; and I really needn't elaborate about exercise and mood improvement. Not that I'm down, mind; but I'm my usual flactuating self and I'd rather enjoy some smooth sailing. So I'm blogging while walking.

I can't say anything nice happened today, because I woke up 15 minutes ago; so instead, I'll write about something nice that happened yesterday, which is I opened commissions after a long time of not taking them, and they got filled up quite quickly and there's a few nice challenges and it felt quite nice to be so active and to do what I'm good at. And really, the slots filled up very fast; this always fills good - the same feeling I used to get from my games filling up lightning fast during pre-sign ups in roleplaying cons. Is it popularity, or reaffirmation that you're good at something? I'd like to think it's the latter; and, at any case, since I was 19 or so, I never had any problems feeling popular anywhere; funny how these things go, what with the complete opposite all througout my childhood and teens.

Another good thing was that I completed my small side project - I've been re-making some warcraft model with zero regard to poly count (how 'heavy' it is in terms of memory usage) - a privilege Blizzard can't afford; and it's been something I've been working on while on the phone for a couple of weeks, because it's full of dumb, representative monkey work. I finished it, complete with a space octopus (!) and all, then I got stuck - as usual - with the composition and lighting, aka the focal point, which is always the problem with doing 3D when you're a noob. So while I have the model finished - hat and sash, cloth simulation and potion bottles, and did I mention the space octopus? I can't post anything yet because I didn't find a good frame. Frustrating; but I'm eager to learn how to fix it, and being 'eager to learn' is likely the state I feel most happy and alive in.

And suddenly I have so much to do: I have a couple of roleplaying things in the guild which are best done before tomorrow; I need to learn focal points and complete yesterday's work; I have five commissions full of interesting stuff; and, in a pinch, I also have some new content I never explored in wow. Yup; either this technique worked or it's empirically true, but right now life feels quite nice.

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