Thursday, 16 November 2017


I showered today, which might sound trivial and unflattering (and indeed it is not) because I kind of forgot to for more than dignity allows, and it's more urgent than eating (which I forget to do) or giving any attention to husband (who is awesome and knows better), and I'm full throttle into the new project, and I know how to do about 10% of it, and the rest of the 90% needs to be researched, learnt and practiced - and the technical part is the easy one, it's making it decent and pretty that's the real challenge; and I'm on an average of four hours of sleep a night and I spent yesterday watching a 30 video long playlist of guides and now I hope I know kong fu and there'a a hard deadline for this in January so I should really get going, or produce an army of happy slaves to do it for me, but anyway I shouldn't be writing here.

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