Sunday, 3 December 2017

Blender Vs. Bell: 0:1

It's an endless combat: Either Blender is trying to kill me by making me want to commit suicide over how goddamn unintuitive it is, or I manage to wrestle it into doing what I want it to, despite the fact that the way to do it is hidden behind seventeen options nested within four dropdown menus that are only visible if you press ctrl+f+u+c+k. 

Yesterday I set things to render on half size and half quality, and after nine hours I had 10% done. That meant some revisioning, and I'd like to say that a full day of procrastination was really just my subconscious processing the problem and juggling possible solutions. As it is, I put it all to render on husband's computer (he's abroad, I just hope this doesn't burn his graphics card like it did mine doing renders once), and in case this doesn't work (and why would it) I also found some artistic workarounds that might give the oomph factor without rendering (ha ha) my own computer useless for seven days.

Right now I was trying to make something glow, and Blender said 'hey, this doesn't go up to eleven' and I said 'well, I'll render six identical ones, each with your pathetic doesn't-go-to-eleven glows, then combine them in photoshop, and then I will have six times almost eleven on my glow and you, Blender, can suck my keyboard.

It really feels like a victory when your opponent is a petty irritating intolerable bitchkicking whiney crashing software which happens to be both your homeground, entirely free, and supports an ideal you follow. And I do love Blender; two years of constant experimenting got me familiar with it, even though I wouldn't tell anyone I 'know' Blender. I don't 'know' Blender; I'm just... not awfully disheartened when I need to get something to work and don't know how. It's kind of a contest between my stubbornness and it.

So right now I feel accomplished because I cracked three challenges I had no idea how to tackle two hours ago, plus I got it to submit to my glow demands, plus I found a creative solution to the time consuming thing. Soon it will be only adding the icing on the top of this cake, and then I'll be able to preen for a whole day before I rush back to enjoying making commissions and to new challenges. 

And now I'll stop procrastinating taking a constructive, well needed break processing and will go see what new, creative ways it devised to try and murder me with; the night, after all, is still young. 

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