Friday, 1 December 2017

Today I:
  1. Got up at 11:00 to kiss husband goodbye and went back to sleep
  2. Got up at 14:30 like a responsible adult
  3. Showered, did the shopping and cooked so I have food for three days
  4. Did all the medical stuff and made a huge pot of tea
  5. Work-work-worked until midnight with a rather nice quota done
  6. Did not forget to drink! Perhaps now my skin will stop falling off
Am about 65% done with project! I might actually made the deadline. I rather miss the liberty to do stuff when I feel like it, like those delicious commissions waiting for me, or a few challenges I need to tackle - but I'm feeling accomplished - which is nice, but dangerous because the project isn't done and 'accomplished' might mean I get all comfy an dawdle. I really am the most productive when I have a deadline and an improbably long to-do list.

I can't be arsed to post my progress bar, but I finished #34 and am off to the uncharted ground of doing stuff I never did before, which is likely my favourite. And the house is clean, and there's nice tea, and there's food if I'm hungry and nobody and nothing to interrupt me for a week; Let's see how much more productive I can get when there's no distractions like family or needing to cook on the line.

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