Sunday, 21 January 2018

Three happy thoughts of the day

Daily maintenance of a positive mindset practice dictates nothing good stuff, no matter how minuscule, and I woke up slightly brittle this morning (or maybe it's my default, thank you, brain chemistry), so I want to note them down stuff that made me genuinely smile today.

Be-Lev Kaved popped in my playlist and I remembered Srulu naming it 'Belvane Kaved' all those years ago, and I remembered how fond he was of me then, and how fond he is of me now, and again marveled at how amazing it is that I got out of 2003 alive, and well, and that we love each other so much today.

I thought of Anna, who roleplays our entomologist, and through that acting she shines; unbridled passion and energy, beautiful depth, a poetry which isn't in words necessarily but in how she sees the world and the way her emotions are shaped; and there's people like that who are dicks, but she's also a kind, caring person on top of it. So I think I should tell her, really, that she's a happy thought of mine, that remembering so many things she does or says makes me smile with happiness at least once a day.

And then the food delivery guy looked amazing. Like, a salt-and-pepper black beard, blue eyes, tanned skin; somewhere between 35 and 45, he sprung a whole book of stories in my head. I'd have painted him on five canvases, if I could - and I told him as much, after making sure he understood I wasn't hitting on him. It made his day; it made my day; he hummed along with my retro Israeli playlist, and we shook hands with warm, sincere smiles as we parted. I still wish I could paint this guy, aptly named Ariel; sea and wind.

Three things that make me very happy, and it's not even four o'clock. Yup, writing this certainly helps anchor that messy brain chemistry.

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