Sunday, 4 February 2018

Three Happy Thoughts, Feb 04

  1. I figured out a way to get feather-lookalike stuff on birds and then found out some professional artist uses the same for his bird. I feel proud and accomplished, and if my mind works the same way as this guy's then I might reach where I hope to, in terms of Blender, aka be able to make pictures of anything I want.
  2. Lolla was here again today. That's more than 'happy thought', it's a big thing; being able to freely tell her how highly I think of her, which I think pushed her away when we were 17, is magic. Having that love sincerely reciprocated, is magic. Seeing her reaction to The Last Ship and Luc Arbogast is... it's... something I've been hungering for for a long time. Still do, even after tonight. 
  3. Four people around me feel happier, recharged and hopeful! 
  4. ...My husband is so awesome
  5. I'm stopping now, yes

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